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Caroline Field Levander is an award-winning cultural and literary critic and Carlson Professor of Humanities and English at Rice University, where she teaches, talks, and writes about American life and culture. She has written or co-written four books and edited numerous others, most recently Where is American Literature? (2013). She also cares immensely about the future of higher education, and in her role as vice president for strategic initiatives and digital education she writes and speaks regularly in venues such as Inside Higher Ed and international higher education summits. You can visit Levander’s website here.
Matthew Pratt Guterl is the author of several books on race, nation, and American history, including, most recently, Seeing Race in Modern America (2013) and Josephine Baker and the Rainbow Tribe (2014). He is also Professor of Africana Studies and American Studies at Brown University. Aside from his book projects, he has written essays on film, art, and literature. He occasionally writes for The New Republic, Inside Higher Education, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. You can visit Guterl’s website here.





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